TuGeNy is a software that allows to graphically design tournaments of any kind. It is supposed to simplify the process of creating the tournament bracket and the time schedule, even providing a fully automatic algorithm to create the latter. Field plans can be exported as PDF. Additionally the match results can be managed while the tounament runs to automatically determine the upcoming matches.

As a special feature, a simulation can be run to determine the quality of a tournament bracket. For this purpose it is assumed that there is an unambiguous way to order all tournament participants by strength. After that, the lots are drawn and the final ranking is compared to the expected. This process is done very often and statistical values are calculated.

This software was developed for the sport Jugger but should be usable for any kind of tournament.

  • Design tournament brackets
  • Analyse brackets for fairness
  • Plan tournament schedule
  • Automatic schedule creation
  • Export field plans as PDF
  • Manage results
  • Calculate upcoming matches
  • Tournament mode prevents unintentional changes